11 days to go…

I think that I should be honest from the outset here and explain that at this point in time you might not want to consider this to be an actual guide to being a new dad. In fact, it would be fair if you wanted to say that I am as close to being under qualified for the role of ‘guide’ as you can get. You’ve probably already guessed of course from the title of this post that the reason the content of this post is not filled with all you need to know about being a new dad is that I am in fact not yet anyone’s dad!

Our baby is however due on the 22nd February 2015 (11 days from now!), and soon I’m sure there will be a million and one experiences that I could share here assuming that there is a moment where I’m not too bleary eyed or sleep deprived to coherently communicate them.

Over time it might turn out that these posts will be filled with such wonderful pearls of wisdom that they could fill volumes of bestselling parenting books. Either that or you might bear witness to the undoing of a man as he becomes a parent for the first time, bungling along, learning what it means to be dad through trial and error.

It’s our first child. My wife and I are both thirty-something. We live in Oxford, UK.


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