I had some eggs, my wife had porridge and our daughter had her first public display of breast feeding without any flashing or awkward looks from across the room. A family outing to meet my wife’s sister for brunch was initially a slightly daunting thought. Our first official public excursion required much more thought and preparation than it would have done before we had a miniature counterpart in tow. After deciding how many layers would be enough, how many nappies we needed to bring with us, when to get a feed in before we left, we had needed the entire morning to get set for an eleven o’clock meeting.

I practiced a little bit of one handed eating, holding my daughter in one arm and trying to fork what was now luke warm eggs into my mouth. My wife finished her porridge and took her from me, at which point I hungrily wolfed down the remains of my brunch (being up at 4.30am scrubbing a newborn’s poo out of the carpet seems to provoke quite a hunger).

Overall things went well; everyone remained calm and there were no tears from any one of us. We had total strangers approach our table and begin cooing over our little bundle, obviously remarking how cute she was.

We were so proud of our well behaved baby that we decided we would make another little trip, this time to the supermarket. She screamed all the way.


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