Point of no Return

“I don’t want my baby to be dependent on a dummy.” This is a remark that I assume many parents make at one stage or another. I have. I think many new parents rightly go in feeling as though they will be the best and most responsible parent they can be, of course they will, and a part of this is about those decisions made on parenting style where there are options to choose from. I too have felt that we should try and avoid giving the baby a dummy to soothe her. Why? Mainly because it feels like using a dummy marks a point of no return. I imagine that the child will be forever in need of it, and images of an eight year old version of her sucking on a dummy as we walk around Sainsburys plague my thoughts.

These, I suppose, are fairly legitimate concerns to have, and have the added questions about how and when you wean them off the dummy? If they start screaming or making a scene when you take it away, it would be hard to hold your will and watch your child descend into a state of unhappiness. That’s against all of our instincts right?

We’ve started using a dummy.

It’s not that it is impossible to soothe her in any other way of course (see my priceless insights here), it’s just that a dummy does it more quickly.

However, when I give our daughter a dummy, who am I really doing it for? Is it wrong that I am perhaps selfishly trying to regain order with the least possible effort? Is it wrong that I give my daughter something that is potentially quite “addictive”, knowing that she will undergo the unpleasant cold turkey experience when we decide she needs to give it up? Just because I want to stop her crying, is it fair to put her through all that later on?

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6 thoughts on “Point of no Return

  1. Its really hard to be a parent. There are some things that I said before (being a mother) that I wont do but did because it gives me wee bit order and time and rest. Using the dummy is bad and there are ways to make him graduate from it when the time comes =) #sharewithme


    • I’ll take what I can get at this stage and fight the fires as they ignite later. The quick fixes are keeping is sane for now and that’s important. I think we will be scouring online for advice when it comes to it.


  2. My eight month old has a dummy but now he has got a bit bigger he sucks his thumb and does not use his dummy as much. I never used them with my girls as i hated seeing big children going around with them in. As long as your daughter is happy then thats all that matters #sharewithme


  3. I think every situation is different but sometimes it’s survive as a parent and we the best we can when we can. Dummies can always been given to Santa or the Dummy Fairy when you want rid of them later. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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