The Easiest Thing About Being a New Dad

I’m back to the longest weekend of my life, specifically the moment I first laid eyes on my daughter.

At the time, the feeling was too overwhelming for me to even comprehend, but now I am at least able to try and work out exactly what it was that I felt at that specific moment. I knew that this little person, my child, was there beforehand; before she was born. I could feel her move, see her in scans and hear her heart beating, but not until that first face to face meeting did I truly get it.

What do I mean by that? Getting it? Understanding? This is one of those things that it is virtually impossible to put into words, I know because I have tried to write about it on several occasions and failed. Recently I was asked the question by another blogger “What did it feel like when your child was born?”, and as I thought about it, what seems silly to describe as a moment of enlightenment hit me. People always say that you will fall in love with your child. My dad told me that it was the closest thing to love at first sight that he had ever experienced, but I feel that it goes so much further beyond that. There is this unexplainable feeling of knowing, or connection that occurs. That first face to face moment with this person, who you have never actually met before, feels like you have known them forever. Time is meaningless, the world stops turning and you are holding the entire universe in your hands. This person is as much you as you are yourself, an extension to all you have ever known. When you see this person, when you feel this feeling, it is as if a window has been opened and you get a glimpse of the infinite. I’m trying not to say that you get the answer to the meaning of life, because that is not what I mean, but it is like someone has shown you the answer, and you simply cannot comprehend it at all.

And now, with every day that goes by it’s as if you have this key to the universe’s biggest question, right there with you at your side. You get to live with them, play with them, hold them, teach them, show them what joys the world has to offer. There are hard times, and undoubtedly there always will be, but there is nothing that isn’t completely resolved by a stupid wonky smile from this wonderful little counterpart. The unfathomable potential bundled up in this entire person grants you limitless possibilities. It’s overwhelming, it’s painful, it’s incredible, it’s the easiest thing about being a new dad.


11 thoughts on “The Easiest Thing About Being a New Dad

  1. The arrival of your children (all of them in my case) is such an overwhelming, scary and amazing experience, that you remember with clarity and haze at the same time I think. You’ve done a great job putting it into words 🙂


  2. ‘Connection’ is exactly right. It’s a bit of a cliche to say that life will never be the same again after the birth of a child but it is so true. Some of it is hard (as you’ve already outlined) but so much of it is wonderful. Enjoy the journey and savour every moment – another cliche, but the time really does disappear before you know it.


    • First impressions last.
      I can believe that the time goes fast, if I look back to the start of the last two months there’s a great deal of change to note. Each change comes with the gain of something new and loss of something else.


      • And it only goes faster. My advice to you would be to remember the past but don’t cling on to it – embrace the changes as they occur so you don’t miss them in a blur of nostalgia. And, believe me, as they get older and start developing faster and faster, it really is a blur! Enjoy the ride.


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