The Conversationalist

My wife and I were discussing trivial and practical things, we have few things to plan and life needed some organising. Our daughter remained calm and quiet as we dried her off after a bath and got her dressed for bed. Just as we were talking about what size nappy we should use for her overnight she piped up with an opinion all of her own.

A string of vowels emanated from her mouth that was so well constructed it almost sounded comprehensible. A full sentence of whatever noises she wanted to try and make punctuated the air and my wife and I forgot what we were talking about altogether. She had obviously decided we weren’t paying her the attention she wanted from us, and so made her way of joining in with our conversation to let us know what she thought.

It was amazing. It was not the first time she has made more talkative sounds by any means, but it was the timing she delivered it with and how it then became a ten minute conversation with her with no agenda. We enjoyed the pleasure of having a chat. With no actual words to say, she had got her point across incredibly well, and it acted as a great reminder of the wonder it is to bear witness to the development of this counterpart of ours.

She hasn’t yet mastered the true art of conversation, and more often than not she will talk over us when we are trying to ask her questions to entice more babbling from her. But this baby of ours speaks, and she has a lot to say.